Thursday, August 27, 2009

......... ^--^^^-----^^^^^---^-----^-

It's starting to show some beat again after a long hiatus. Since Jan 23 2009 to be precise. I even almost forgot my login ID and password .. LOL. That was after tembak-ing a few times that I managed to sign in =)

Why have I not been blogging ? 1 word .... LAZY !

I've been going through alot during this absence. Don't know where and how to start. Long story. Maybe you can just call me to ask if you're curious or you can also connect with me through Facebook.

Alrighty , hope I can continue updating this a little bit more.

Over and out .

Friday, January 23, 2009

恭 喜 发 财 + Kong Hey Fatt Choy + Gong Xi Fa Cai + Happy Chinese New Year

It's that time of the year once again where everybody is happy,jolly and joyful ( not too sure about how those married ppl feels ). Well, at least I will still be receiving my red-self-adhesive-packets this year :P

It's 年 廿 九 today and my friends will be coming over to my house for the annually held gambling,drinking and welcoming CNY session. A day earlier than usual this year as a close friend ; KokHong will be having a house warming party on 年 三 十 .... so " boh pian" give face la :)

Last but not least , I would like to wish everybody a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year with the bestest of everything to come.

Kong Hey Kong Hey !!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


It has been a hectic crack. Juggling between work, more work and some leisure. Yea, I'm deprived of leisure. Albeit , I'm still happy . Everything seems to be smooth ; current workload being depleted, new business venture looking more and more realistic, having the love of my life with me every single day - almost . PERFECT !

Some important date that will be irreplaceable :

10 Nov 2008 - the start of a never-ending love story.
04 Dec - birthday of H.M my Princess ... Yeeling
10 Dec 2008 - 1 month jo ...
10 Dec 2008 - terrible flu

ok ... will update more about the business venture soon .


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pictures Galore ~~~

Alrighty ..... as promised !!!

the groom, Yeeling & I


supposedly one of the best seafood place in PG

while waiting for our tails

the famed handstand/cart-wheel



toe peace

where PG is famous for .... Gurney Drive's food

good stuffs !

Gurney-Plaza-Gurney (however you call it)

tsunami @ Feringghi

love love love

15th - 17th November .... these days were the happiest days of my life. A vacation which is so relaxing, enjoyable and most importantly .... the companion mattered. It's true that happy moments passes by like a breeze and hence I'm now contemplating another such vacation. Hopefully !

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All Too Happening

Days passed , weeks passed , month passed .... My Life Dazzles ! It has never been so exhilarating ... ohhhh yea . I'm sitting facing my PC wanting to update this blog but not knowing what to write. Or perhaps I should rephrase , which to write about.

From being a "solitary ranger" to being attached , from drinking and pubbing and clubbing and bar/cafe hopping to going to the theatres, vacation, shopping, and I'm loving it. No sarcasm involved.

And there's this new plan coming up. A partnership that is well on the way and I can foresee something big from this. Something that will be life-changing. Something budding but will be massive.

I guess the only way for me to really update myself from ya'll is to upload lots and lots of pictures.Thus , I promise , my next post will not be a let down. But .... please remind me :)

p/s: a sneak peek for what to be expected .... ta !


Sandy Beach

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ich Liebe Dich

A very nice german song .

Monday, October 27, 2008

Significant Other

Do you believe in fate ? Well , I'm starting to feel it. Someone appeared in my life lately. Someone so special that she's turning my world around. Ok ... we knew each other aproximately 11 years ago. We were from the same highschool and she's 2 years my junior. This very girl is somebody that I've laid eye on ever since. She's sweet and she's just sooo sweet. Of late , she reminded me that I've called her and spoke to her over the phone back then , and even sang her a song ... a song by this HK singer Aaron Kwok ... LOL. I'm sorry (if you're reading this) but I seriously don't remember. Maybe I'm having this selective memory :P And I got scolded by her mom back then for interrupting her study time and was told not to call again (this I can remember). Guess that's when I got freaked out and stop calling. Lost contact ever since !? BUT ... her name and her image remains in my memory until today.

11 years later , with the blessing of the so powerful Facebook ... we got connected again. This time all grown up and ready to rumble ...ahaha. When I contacted her again , she was on holiday in Europe and just relaxing and enjoying herself and waiting for time to come home. We exchange messages , laughters , and also those nostalgic past. I was just happy to get connected again with somebody I knew a decade ago and lost contact with. Nothing more.

On the 25th September if I got it right , she came alighted her plane and step foot to motherland again. On that particular day itself , I was telling myself .... " Hmm ... she's back ." . I gave her my mobile number and got her to contact me and we could meet for a cuppa. 28th September 2008 , 5.30pm ... I got a sms from an unknown number and when I opened it , I read " Wei... Yl here ah Haha i'm back! This is my number ah remember to save it ok. :-)" That's the exact words she wrote. And guess what's the first thing that crossed my mind ? I was ... How come this gal don't use comma and fullstop. LOL =)

Texted her , called her and met up for a drink for the first time in Modestos@ Sri Hartamas.It was a friendly outing. Days after days and weeks after weeks .... I'm beginning to like this girl. Not knowing how and when. I've been seeing her almost everyday when I'm in KL. I'm loving it but I just hope she's not fed-up yet ...haha . Everything went on rather smoothly and I know we've been enjoying the times together . I ain't gonna story what happened in detail as it's all meant for her ears :P

tune in for part 2 of this romance which will be posted soon .... till then

Cheerio !!!